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,a public limited Company, listed in Karachi and Lahore Stock Exchanges, was incorporated on May 3rd, 1984 under the repealed Companies Act, 1913 and the business commencement certificate was issued on September 2, 1984. It is classified as a domestic general insurance company under Insurance Ordinance 2000.Silver Star Insurance Company Limited (SSICL) has based on countrywide branch network containing sixty-one branches in the major cities of Pakistan up till 31st December 2013.

The Company is engaged in providing General Insurance Services, the major lines of business are:

    1. Fire Insurance
    2. Marine Insurance
    3. Motor Insurance
    4. Miscellaneous Insurance
    5. Crop Insurance
    6. Live Stock insurance

The present Chairman Chaudhry Muhammad Sadiq is the pioneer of the Company. He made the fortification of the Company deep along with the tremendous team efforts of the directors and employees of the Company. Chaudhry Muhammad Sadiq is the beacon in the field of general insurance. He is ex-reinsurance advisor to United Nations, former Deputy Managing Director to Pakistan Insurance Corporation and National Co-insurance Scheme, former General Manager to National Reinsurance Company, Sudan, Islamic Insurance Company, Sudan and Islamic Insurance and Reinsurance Company, Saudi Arabia; and former Consultant to Islamic Development Bank, Saudi Arabia and the insurance sector of Dallah Al-Barka Group, Saudi Arabia. He is still making his valuable contributions along with the Chief Executive & Managing Director Mr. Zahir Muhammad Sadiq and other Directors and employees for the prosperity of the Organization. Insha ALLAH we will be the benchmark in the general insurance sector in near future.





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